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Posted On: 25 October 2021

Why do you need a SIEM service?

Why do yu need a SIEM service

What is Managed SIEM or SIEM as a Service?

Managed SIEM enables an organisation to quickly scale its SIEM platform. This outsourced model improves the organisation’s overall security posture, helps meet compliance requirements and improves Mean-Time-To-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Respond (MTTR).

So why should you consider Managed SIEM for your business? SIEM can be one of the most complex systems in an SME.

Managed SIEM Services can save you time and money

SIEM, or Security Information and Event Management, refers to a group of software products that enable companies to monitor security events in real time. However, SIEM requires companies to use their own IT resources to effectively manage and monitor networks.

Most SMEs use multiple security products at the system, network and cloud levels. All these products generate endless alerts and logs, many of which need to be processed manually.

The use of SIEM is becoming increasingly popular in the security and compliance market. But organisations often find it difficult to take advantage of this popular technology. This is because SIEM requires an investment in your people, processes and technology.

This is where Managed SIEM Services come into play

With managed SIEM services, the company does not have to take on any of the workload itself. Instead, everything is done by a service provider (managed service provider).

Managed SIEM services offer companies a range of cybersecurity services. The most important of these is log management. Log management is where the provider takes security data from across the corporate network, runs it through their (or your) SIEM system, and then organises all the event data into a pattern that they can then use to identify threats, address issues and generate reports for audits.

3 reasons why you should consider Managed SIEM

Lack of resources

SIEM solutions can require quite a lot of internal resources or security staff to properly set up, manage, monitor and optimise the right alerts. If you have a small security team or one whose time is spent on other important projects, Managed SIEM is a good option for your business.

Most small businesses don’t have the resources to perform all the functions that Managed SIEM Services offer. A small business may not have dedicated IT professionals at all. Even if it does, they are probably already busy with other IT issues.

This could include implementing new software strategies and finding the best product stack for the company’s operations. Often there is simply no time in the day to monitor and respond individually to all network events.

One of the tasks of IT professionals is to identify and fix vulnerabilities in the corporate network. But with limited resources and the growing scope of IT in many companies, CIOs often do not have the resources to devote to identifying vulnerable systems.

Lack of time

Learning how to use a complex SIEM product takes a lot of time. Each product is different, and IT professionals may have to spend entire days or weeks learning how to use it effectively. The software itself also takes up a company’s time.

Most companies want to deploy a SIEM and get it up and running as quickly as possible. They want to see results now, not later. Managed SIEM drastically reduces your “time-to-value”.

The managed SIEM provider can quickly deploy their own hosted SIEM to your organisation, or you can purchase the SIEM and the provider will deploy and scale the solution specifically for your environment.

In both scenarios, the planning, architecture, design and implementation are handled by the vendor, so you see results quickly.

In addition, with Managed SIEM, the vendor can help you go beyond just monitoring alerts and proactively look for threats. Incident investigation and containment is enhanced by optimising SIEM for your environment.

Managed SIEM services can do things like behavioural monitoring and quickly detect unusual activity on the network. Third-party providers can notify you of suspicious behaviour and alert you immediately. This helps you eliminate problems as soon as they occur.

Limited budget

The purchase of a SIEM can vary greatly in price. If you are a medium to large company, a SIEM can cost hundreds of thousands of francs. Managed SIEM is typically offered as a monthly OPEX cost that is predictable. This SIEM implementation model also drastically reduces the IT department’s cost of acquiring, training and retaining internal security resources.

Hiring IT staff to monitor your network is expensive. So most companies opt for a managed solution instead. Managed SIEM services are cheaper than paying a full-time salary for a new employee, but offer many of the same benefits.


Managed SIEM helps you reduce costs and free up time and resources in your organisation for other applications. At the same time, you improve your organisation’s IT security as IT security experts help you detect IT security incidents, identify possible attacks and clean them up.

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